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Here’s what some of our Leander, TX customers are saying about us:

I found a mechanic I can trust. I have a 2004 4runner with 241,000 miles that is in descent condition that I want to keep. Hopefully get another 100,000 - 200,000 miles & maybe more. Needless to say with a vehicle with that many miles, you need a good mechanic to keep her going. Frieze Automotive made the cut. I had front end issues that required special attention and Frieze took care of the problem. I can say I am extremely satisfied with the work they performed. Fair price for excellent work. I highly recommend them & will continue to visit them as the need arises. Thank you for a job well done.

Thomas McCauleyFrieze Automotive Customer Review

Very professional and fast with great quality work! Highly recommend!!

Barry WilsonGoogle Review

I've used this company for several years and I absolutely love them. Gregg is an excellent mechanic and he has never done me wrong. He is a very honest mechanic and I trust him completely. Well always use him

Jonathan JenningsGoogle Review

5 stars!

Salina CalderonGoogle Review

They are always honest and fair. They have never tried to sell me a service that I didn't need.

Cyndi Schaecher-MeansGoogle Review

An excellent place to get your repairs done in a timely manner without losing quality of work

Patrick TaitGoogle Review

You hear people say it is hard to find a mechanic they trust well this is one. He has done work on all of mine from engine swap and a lot in between always fair and great work.

Charles FintoGoogle Review

5 stars!

Advancing Student KnowledgeGoogle Review

Had my 45K mile service there recently. the dealership quote was at least 2 times as high for the same work. Dropoff and pickup were quick and easy. This is my 'go to' Auto shop now.

Mark PeczeniukGoogle Review

Great folks and honest work!

Warren MoormanGoogle Review

5 stars!

Kari SchimpfGoogle Review

5 stars!

Sharon GuzmanGoogle Review

My son-in-law recommended this company. I went to have my suspension repaired for my Subaru Forester. It was checked out and I was about to write a check for parts ordering. It is for $270/- At that point of writing, the owner of the company came to the counter and explained that the suspension is not in bad shape to be repaired. It can run for several thousand miles. There is no need to repair it. I was astonished about the honesty and ethical approach by the owner. I will certainly go there for all my repair needs.

Munisamy AnandanFrieze Automotive Customer Review

5 stars!

Micheal TimmonsGoogle Review

Good service, pretty fast.

Roger MabusGoogle Review

Had ny 45K mile service there recently. the dealership quote was at least 2 times as high for the same work. Dropoff and pickup were quick and easy. This is my “go to” Auto shop now.

Mark PeczeniukGoogle Review

Honest and professional garage in Leander!

Brian EdwardsGoogle Review

I do a lot of my own technician work. That being said I do run into problems from time to time. I replaced a clock sensor and steering angle sensor which required a reset from a pricey computer diag tool. After several shops unwilling to help, like “BurningRock” figure it out, Frieze Automotive, had been very understanding and accommodating. They have my business for the next big job from me and all of my recommendation. They bring trust back to automotive work. Thanks guys!

Mike ColumbusGoogle Review

Dropped my car off due to an issue I could not identify; couldn't be happier with work that was done to resolve and the value to get fixed. Will certainly be back next time I have a car problem!

CarsonGoogle Review

Friendly staff and very helpful! My company needed pictures of the brake pads and calipers before approving the work and they were happy to send me pictures. I would definitely recommend Frieze Automotive!!

Ulysses McBroomGoogle Review

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Needed new brakes. Left my Jeep with them and they gave me a full rundown of pricing and parts. Fairly priced. Brakes run excellent again.

Abraham HernandezFrieze Automotive Customer Review


Bob HGoogle Review

I am so Excited about finding a knowledgeable, highly skilled, professional and honest auto repair shop right here in Leander at Frieze Automotive. Greg repaired my daughter's car for less than one-half of what we were quoted from two other shops. From the moment I walked in the door at Frieze's and was warmly greeted by Rachel until I drove away with a repaired car, I knew we had found the right place for our 4 cars to get “fixed” if broken. I highly recommended you take your broken vehicles to Greg Frieze and let him and his staff earn your business. I am surely glad we did!

Randall RichardsFrieze Automotive Customer Review

I have known used Gregg for many years, since about 2009... He has performed great service on whatever vehicles I bring him. He's got a really great girl working for him now called Rachel, and she has always called me back, even shuttles me back to the house (a 1/4 mile away) when I have no other transportation. The thing that strikes you about Gregg, is that, being a small business owner (like myself), I can tell that he not only KNOWS his stuff about cars (I'm a car guy myself), but even with that advanced knowledge, he doesn't use it to gouge you for additional repairs, even though he could. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the honesty and integrity that he offers, which provides me peace of mind I need when dealing with people. I only wish the best for Frieze Automotive going forward!

James MooreGoogle Review

Greg does great work! Very honest & reliable!

Shirley SearsGoogle Review

They are awesome i had an impossible problem no one else could figure out and they did ! Come here they are awesome and worth it!

Mary JaineGoogle Review

5 stars!

Brenda RiveraGoogle Review

5 stars!

Wayward 00x0Google Review

5 stars!

Deborah HarrisGoogle Review

Good honest work... Appreciate that very much..

Russell PottorffGoogle Review

Great service, had a screw in my tire and they took care of it very quickly. Recommend them for all your vehicle needs.

Jarrod StrattonGoogle Review

I went in for a vacuum leak code. Greg tested it and showed me where the leak was. He gave me a fair estimate on the cost of repair. As for Joshua's 2 star review below, a check engine DIAGNOSTIC is a basically a complete scan of what the engine is doing. It is not the same as an auto parts place putting a code reader on for free and saying “it might be...”.

Thomas FGoogle Review

5 stars!

Carrie BerntsonGoogle Review

Excellent service, stopped in and the mechanic set me up with a lug nut (free of charge) assessed the vehicle and I was able to finish up a vehicle inspection down the road. He also provided clear, concise, and affordable quotes on future work, which I will have done at Frieze. Thank you and I am thankful to have an honest and highly competent mechanic in town for all of my families car needs.

SamGoogle Review

I switched to Frieze automotive after having a frustrating experience with another mechanic. Greg was able to fix a problem within a day that the other mechanic had not been able to do after 3 different attempts.
Very reasonably priced, personal attention, knowledgeable, and quick turnaround. Everything I look for in an auto mechanic!

Peter N. MitchellGoogle Review

I highly recommend Greg he is a fair and a honest in Leander

Sandra PerezFrieze Automotive Customer Review

4 stars!

cliff OqGoogle Review

I showed up without an appointment in my classic car needing my new Vintage AC system tested/charged and Gregg took care of me within 30mins of arriving! Top notch customer service and workmanship. Highly recommended this shop.

Alexis DeanFrieze Automotive Customer Review

Replaced my tires quick and easy! Nice folks too! Out of 9 repair shops, Frieze is the only one to answer the phone or call me back! Seems honest!

Justin E.Yelp Review

I'm really glad I started to come here. He's very good and honest and someone that you can really trust with your cars. He never tries to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. I highly recommend him

Terri D.Frieze Automotive Customer Review

Hands down the best and most honest shop in town. Greg is very professional and trustworthy. He has worked on my last 3 vehicles and both of my parents cars and they all love him. Highly recommend for all your vehicle repair/ service needs

Randy W.Frieze Automotive Customer Review

Took my car in for something I thought was a big job. They checked it out, found it was small and only charged me a few dollars. :)

Chad McCriteGoogle Review

5 stars!

Jaimie KerbyGoogle Review

These guys are great. I was low on break fluid and they topped me off for free. I will definitely be coming back for repairs from this act of honesty.

thomas dufflesGoogle Review

5 stars!

Mary JaineGoogle Review

Family recommendation after two previous bids for A/C work. Explained upon arrival that two other bids (Christian Brothers & Rush Automotive) were for a new A/C kit and replacement. Instead of assuming that was the issue, technicians spent quality time with our Honda, and determined the A/C kit did not need replacement, just the coil. This saved us $1,200.00. Honesty and integrity will keep me and my family coming back for years. Repeat business is the best business!! Thanks!!

Shane CroakGoogle Review

This place is top notch. From the front desk to the one on one you receive from owner. Earned my trust.

LeeAnn GiannuzziFrieze Automotive Customer Review

What can you say about a guy that is usually the only mechanic in the shop? He is always busier than a 3 legged cat at the dog races. Gregg is very fair in his prices and only uses high end parts. We have used him for several years and only had to go back twice, once was my fault, should have done both cats at one time and the other one was one of his, no longer there, helpers did not tighten the emergency break cable properly and that created an issue. Gregg ended up doing a complete break job for no charge. We even had him replace the motor in a 2004 Monte, yes Mr. Chevy 5.7, it really was bad, and he was less expensive and even went with a 2005 Malibu motor with 20k fewer miles . . .Sadly some guy on his cell phone in a beamer knocked the front end off of it.

Debbie SamGoogle Review

I have been taking my cars to Frieze for a couple of years now. They have always been fair and upfront with me on all recommendations. And the owner has always been very honest when I ask him for alternatives. As a previous 1 star review pointed out, they do make an occasional diagnostic mistake, but they have always owned up to is as soon as it is discovered. Their prices are better than most shops I have checked out in the area. And the quality of work and turn around times have always been exceptional. All in all, I would highly recommend Frieze for anyone needing repair services in the Leander area.

Joeseph SchisserGoogle Review

They were VERY helpful in getting my car a back to me before the weekend. Single mom out here with not any family, my car is so important. I appreciate the extra mile they took to get my starter replaced. Between the mechanic and the front office lady -- very good experience all the way around. They've helped me in the past as well - affordable (even though a starter is generally expensive) I know they gave the best price around. 100 Stars.

UrbanDreamer LizGoogle Review

Recommended to me for A/C repair. Friendly to work with, in my case they even worked late and let me pick up the car the same day. Totally unexpected and complete appreciated. I'll be bringing all my vehicles to them from now on even though I live in South Austin.

Bryan WalkerGoogle Review

Very honest, and half the price of the dealership. Thank you!

Rachel HansesGoogle Review

This is the best place to get your car fixed he's honest and fast and really nice. He's worked on all my cars and where other places fix things and something else seems to go wrong he fixes them and they stay fix. I highly recommend him

Terri d.Yelp Review

Gregg is the best. He's a genuinely honest and personable guy who flat out knows his stuff. We use him consistently and he's always going the extra mile to find the best price on parts, he finds ways to fix things that others might just take the easy way out and recommend I buy new unnecessary parts. If you want a highly knowledgeable, fair and honest mechanic in the Leander, Cedar Park and Liberty Hill area you'd be hard pressed to do better than Gregg. Could not recommend him enough.

Larry P.Yelp Review

I have found the best mechanic in Leander! Took my truck to get fixed the owner was professional and gave me a great price. I highly recommend if you need a mechanic!

Sandra P.Yelp Review

Frieze is the best! Single mom, without a car is VERY difficult. They did not delay troubleshooting the issue on my Honda Element. Ended up being something simple (was afraid it was the Fuel Pump which you know is a major repair cost).. They are very kind, gracious, and affordable. 100 Stars. Someone I can TRUST.

Liz D.Yelp Review

Very honest shop. We got an alignment here today. It was quick and they did not try to over sale us on anything. That felt gteat. We also met the owner. He is very professional and trustworthy. We will be back!!

Will M.Yelp Review

first time I came to Frieze automotive and quoted me a better price for wheel aligntment than other places, there was no waiting time and saw them work on my car like pros.

Roberto P.Yelp Review

Great service very fair and honest. Did take a couple days before they saw my truck once they did figure it out quickly and did not overcharge me

Joe C.Yelp Review

Greg Frieze is a honest guy. I recommend him to anyone.

Tony M.Yelp Review

Have taken both our cars to Frieze. On my Infiniti we had gotten a REALLY expensive estimate from another place for a potential issue. I went to Greg based on yelp reviews. He fixed all the issues and determined the expensive issue really was a much less expensive fix. Car is running smoothly now.

Hubby's Jeep left me stranded a few days ago. Had it towed to Greg, he pinpointed the issue which was what we thought it was and got it all taken care of and worked hard so I could turn in the rental I was driving. I did have to take it back the next day because the radiator cap wasn't on tight so it leaked fluid but the team checked all the seals and put a new radiator cap on.

Becki R.Yelp Review

I took my car to Gregg Frieze for a special A/C procedure that he does with regularity (Cryo-Chem). One thing that I liked about Gregg, is that he is willing to communicate over email, which works great for me as I am always on the road and am very busy at work. I brought my car to him and everything was done as promised and on-time. I am very happy with the work thus far. I would not hesitate to recommend or go back to there again - they seemed very fair and were good communicators.

-- Update --

In a last ditch effort to save my AC on my Mercedes Benz, we tried this special product for which Greg installs. It is warrantied for one year. When it failed nearly at the end of the 1 year warranty, Greg took care of calling the company, getting me another kit, and put it in for free. Greg is very honest, and wants you to feel good about the work he performs. If I didn't live in south Austin, I would bring all my vehicles to him for service. I think very highly of him.

Brad P.Yelp Review

Awesome service. The front desk person was real nice. The mechanic solved the problems on our spectra. Definitely going back.

Alton P.Yelp Review

This is the first time I went to Frieze Automotive. My truck is 12 years old and has never needed any type of mechanical work except for the normal wear and tear issues (plugs, belts, battery, etc). I was not sure what the problem was, but my truck's engine was running very poorly and I was concerned it might be a cracked or warped head.

For $42.00, Gregg performed a diagnotistic and determined the issue was an idle air control valve, the O2 sensors and the truck needed new plugs. There were some issues with the truck losing coolant and Gregg was able to determine my radiator cap was failing to hold adequate pressure. Needless to say these are relatively inexpensive issues and I had Gregg repair them along with a radiator flush and top and bottom hose replacements. The radiator has never been flushed and the hoses were from the factory.

He was able to get to my truck quickly and it appears to be running very smoothly. The only issue is that my check enging light came on later in the day. The OBD II reader indicated that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring. I have contacted Gregg about the issue and I am confident Gregg will be able to resolve the problem. I will update this review after Gregg has addressed this issue. I gave him four stars for this review. It would have been five if the check engine light had not come on. Stay tuned for the update.

UPDATE: I brought my truck back in and Gregg looked at it. He made a few adjustments and my check enging light was fixed at no additional charge. I have not had any further issues. Gregg did a fantastic job and i recommend him highly.

Jeff D.Yelp Review

The people at frieze were great they had my car fixed in the time frame that i asked for they were about 30% percent cheaper than the 4 other quotes i got and when i got my car back it wasn't caked in grease (on the edges of the hood and steering wheel ) like the last place i got it serviced i would definetly recommend them to anyone who asked!

mrsjaimielynnkYellowPages Review

What a great local mechanic...I had a confusing problem with my truck...he was able to figure it out and fix it in one day...and he's affordable. I recommend him!!!

rkfelkYellowPages Review

Super quick service and awesome customer service! If you're in Cedar Park, Leander - this is the place to go!

Yvette CarterFacebook Review

Long time customers. Great service! Would not take my car anywhere else!

Dianna SchisserFacebook Review

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